Peniel Children's Home

Peniel Children’s Home is located in Kerala, India, about 30 miles inland from the coast of the Indian Ocean. The home includes children (ages 3-18) from different parts of India with varying backgrounds and home environments.


While some of the children have no living parents, others have at least one living parent or guardian. However, these family members are often unable to provide secure housing, proper clothing, a regular and healthy diet, or a suitable education for their children as they lack the means and resources to do so.


At the Children’s Home the children are looked after by caregivers who are with them throughout the course of the day.


The children have their meals at the main campus cafeteria. The main kitchen on campus is managed by a professional, resident chef who is assisted by the seminary students. The kitchen offers a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as morning and afternoon milk and snacks for the children served seven days a week.


Peniel Children’s Home was started in 2006. It is on the same campus as Peniel Bible Seminary and Peniel Academy.

The India Mission for Evangelism (T.I.M.E. Inc.) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

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