Peniel Academy

Peniel Academy is located in Kerala, India, about 30 miles inland from the coast of the Indian Ocean. The school follows the regulations of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the higher level curriculum for K-12 schools in India and is internationally recognized.


Peniel Academy holds regular, Monday through Friday classes for students who live on-campus as well as for students who commute from their homes on a daily basis.


The student body comprises those from different parts of India with varying backgrounds and home environments. Recently families from different parts of India who have moved to Kerala to find work have been enrolling their children at Peniel Academy as well. Most of the students in attendance live on campus full-time at the children’s home.


The children have their lunch at the main campus cafeteria. The main kitchen on campus is managed by a professional, resident chef who is assisted by the seminary students.


Peniel Academy was started in 2006. It is on the same campus as Peniel Bible Seminary and Peniel Children’s Home.

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